Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Cake

Jayden's birthday isn't until Thursday but we decided to celebrate on Saturday.  It worked out better for us to do it before his birthday this year.  Anyway, we found a fire engine cake on and Dave modified it and made this...




 Those are people riding the fire truck.





 We didn't let Jayden see the cake until later.  But he decorated the cupcakes.  The cupcakes are pink because we bought strawberry icing to add the red die too, in order to make it red.

 I was away all afternoon taking some pictures for a friend at their Lego League Expo, so Dave had the boys by himself and had to make the cake and had to keep the house clean (the hardest part), but Tanner did sleep almost the whole time.
Did he do a great job?!?!?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jayden's Bird Feeder

On Thursday in preschool Jayden made this classic bird feeder; pine cone, peanut butter and bird seeds.  When he came home he immediately hung it on a tree and waited for birds to come.  But we told him it may be awhile before birds realize there is something here.

When Jayden woke up on Friday morning he ran down the stairs so fast I thought something was wrong.  (It was even faster than Christmas morning.)  I came running to see what was wrong and he was headed to the window yelling "the birds!  the birds!  Did the birds come and eat the food?!"  Wow, he was so excited to see if the birds came to eat his food.  But then so sad and disappointed when he didn't see any birds there.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Made Another Hooter Hider

During Tanner's nap time I made another hooter hider for a friend of mine in Maryland having her first baby.  We were best friends in junior high and high school and lost touch (long story.)  Then we reconnected through Facebook.  Anyway... here it is...

 Oh, for those that haven't figured it out... a hooter hider is a nursing cover.  It helps you to see the baby while the baby is nursing but doesn't let anyone else see and the strap around your necks helps so the baby doesn't pull the cover off, like they would a blanket.

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