Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Poor TJ

Poor TJ!  He had to take a trip the Hospital instead of visiting Santa!  The boys were throwing balls at him while he was in his hot air balloon.  He left a note for the boys telling them how hurt he was that they would want to hurt him.  And he explained about going to the hospital and how he'll need to rest for a few days before he will be well enough to return to Santa.  So it will give the boys time to apologize and behave before he goes back to report.  And he did sit there for a couple of days till he was well enough. 
Having the Elf around is supposed to make your kids behave because they know he's watching... nope... not my boys!  It did not change a thing!  As much as they love the elf I was really hurt that they were throwing balls at him trying to get him down.  They did apologize a lot to TJ.  And they never did again.

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