Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dave's Candy Card/Poster

I thought I was going to be creative and cute this year, but I think Dave beat me on that one this year.  But it's still cute, just not as good as Dave's.
I made him a candy card/poster this year, here it is...

It says...

Hey Hot Tamale,
I don't think a pet KitKat, a trip to the Symphony or seeing the Milkyway would be enough for you my Dove.
You are NOT an Air Head, Dum Dum or Nerd, but a Smartie!
You deserve a 100 Grand for going the Extra mile!  But it slipped through my Butterfingers.
So instead I hope you enjoy eating up this card with Mounds of Almond Joy!  I hope it doesn't make you Rolo-ver and get sick.  If so we won't Snicker at you because we love you to Pieces!
Love your,
Sweetart and 3 Muskateers

Hugs and Kisses


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