Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nerf Gun Vest

My kids LOVE Nerf guns!  We (my husband and I, yes I like to get rough and play with the kids too) often run around our house with our 7 year old having Nerf guns battles.  I had seen on Pinterest someone made her son a Nerf Gun vest, but didn't have instructions, just pictures.  So I sat down and and studied the picture of the one you can buy and made one for my boys.  I plan on making a second one so they can each have one, but thought I'd just make one since I was figuring it all out.  And I have thought of something different to do when I make the next one. 
I did take pictures along the way, so I will remember how to do the next one so it will go quicker.  And so I can make a tutorial.  So eventually I will have a tutorial to post.
But for now here are the pictures of it...
Jayden, who the vest made for, was not feeling so good and so there are no pictures of his face, because he was not happy in the pictures.
But my younger son loved it and smiled cute... 

I still need to add a strap to put around the handle of the gun to hold it in place better.  The boys have 2 different guns that can fit here, so I will make the strap with snaps to fit the 2 different sized guns.  And I want to add a little clip thing so they can attach smaller hand guns if say the Easter bunny gives them one or something.  But all that I can do later.

A cargo pocket...

 Inside pockets... Yup I used some small scraps from cutting out the vest for the pockets.  It's inside, who cares and I don't like waste...

 Elastic to hold darts...

 And pockets in the side seam of the vest, you know like pockets in a coat...
Also later I want to add a sleeve in the back for a sword, like the real Nerf Gun vest has.


  1. Have you Made a tutorial yet?? I'd love to make one for myself and my brother

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  4. Do you tutorial made yet. I need to make one of these formy GG-son

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