Monday, October 31, 2011

Fabric Book I Made

I made this I Spy kind of book for Jayden when he was 18 months old and we were flying out to Seattle.  I thought it'd help keep him busy on the plane and stuff.  I took pictures I had of him doing different things, like sleeping, eating, sticking his tongue out, dressed up, wearing a hat, etc.  and I used the fabric I had from the I Spy quilts I make and put them around each picture.
I believe Jayden was too old by the time I gave it to him, but Tanner loved it and now Mackenzie loves it!  She really gets excited when she sees it and wants to play with it.

I'm so glad all that hard work didn't go to waste!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Staus Annual Halloween Party

Every year my in-laws have a Halloween party and we all look forward to it!  This year will be extra memorable because of the snow!  I can't ever remember a time when we had this much snow before Halloween!
Mackenzie and Austin

Josh wearing Granny's fun hat, it sings and the top bounces back and forth.

Polly (she's pregnant with number 6) and Rhett
This year we had a mystery dinner.  We were given a menu and could only order 2 things at a time.
On the menu were...
Worm Slime
Brain Slice
Ghost Poop
Witches Rake
Green Monster
Dracula's Shovel
Monster Toes
Mummy Bandage
Hairy Daddy Long Legs
Edible Eyeballs
Witches' Fingers
Goblin Grins
These people ordered... Worm slime, Daddy Long Legs and on the right, Ghost Poop and Dracula's Shovel
Monster Toes
Witches Fingers
Edible Eyeballs
Goblin Grins
Hairy Daddy Long Legs
Finn and Tanner
Damean eating a brain slice and Trevor eating a Hairy Daddy Long Leg
Carolynn eating a brain slice and Polly ordering
Jayden and Austin
Josh and Rhett
Corban and Jeremy
Mike and Polly
 Becky and Ralph had some different and fun games to play this year.  While they played a treasure hunt game with a cross word to fill out, I had to feed the baby so I didn't get to play.  Becky was worried about people getting home before the roads got to bad so we ran out of time to play all the fun games they had planned.
It's not a Halloween party without pumpkin carving and painting.  Unfortunately the Robinsons had to get home and take care of their animals so they took their pumpkins with them to carve at home.
Tanner painting his pumpkin
Jayden cleaning out his pumpkin
Becky and Mackenzie
Finn and Liz
Corban hugging Mackenzie

Tanner writing his name on one of the game sheets, he loves to write his name.
Finn and pappy
Liz holding Mackenzie up and getting her to smile.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Little Loves

Dave had a meeting to go to, but I wanted to play with my camera some more and see if I can figure out the settings and how to get everyone in focus, I like a nice sharp picture.  So we put the kids on a blanket and for 5 minutes Dave stood behind me and tried to get the kids to look at him and smile.  Mackenzie just had some of her 4 month shots the day before so she wasn't too happy, but at least she looked.
Here are my 3 favorite...

I think they turned out okay, but still not my favorite.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing With My New Camera

So I finally got my first DSLR... I got the Canon 60D with the 18,-135m IS Lens.  I am so excited!!!  But I have a lot to learn!!!  And there is no better way to learn then to keep playing around with it.  So I took the kiddos to Gring's Mill to attempt to get some pictures and figure out my new camera.  I actually was not pleased with these.  But here they are... I have sinced learn some things about the camera and what to do and what not to do.  Practice makes perfect and I have a lot of practicing I need to do!!!!!!!!
The pics of Tanner I did at home.

I don't know why but I kinda like this one, Mackenzie is making a funny face
The kids really were not cooperative, especially Mackenzie!  It sure is hard to get there picture together when I'm by myself.

The Mackenzie face!

Nope... she wouldn't cooperate with me!!

"What?  Are you crazy?  You want me to smile?"

These 2 of Jayden I think are pretty good, I just decided I don't like gray on him.  He kind of has a normal smile and they are in focus.

such a fake smile!!

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