Monday, February 2, 2009

Melted Crayon

On Jayden's birthday, 1-28, I did a load of wash so I could wash the shirt and the back up shirt for Jayden's pictures later that day. In the load of wash I included some new pairs of pants for Jayden, the next size up. I decided his pants were getting too short and I was going to pack some of them away and get out the next size. I normally stock up on bigger sizes during the end of season sales. And now that I have 2 boys born in different seasons I figure if it doesn't fit JJ during the right season it's bound to fit Tanner. Anyway... as I was pulling the clothes out of the dryer I noticed a stain on the knee of a new pair of pants and I was so confused as to how that got there. There was a big brown blob with a grease looking stain around it. Well grease stains are normal in our house, I have no idea why, but they are. I spray them with Lest Oil and they come out, but this was a brand new pair of paints that I just took the tags off. As I kept taking things out I kept noticing similar spots. Then I pulled one piece of clothing out that had purple and yellow spots all over so I tore through the dryer until I found the plastic bag that was the size of 2 crayons that said "Perkins" with some melted stuff still in it. That's right, some generic restuarant crayons just got melted all over my load of wash including the shirt, back up shirt and pants for Jayden's pictures! Luckily the original shirt I wanted him to wear only had a tiny spot on the collar.

So I immediately call my mother in-law and she was wise enough to tell me to look it up on the internet. And this is what I found....

2 max amounts (line 3) of concentrated Tide
1 cup Oxiclean
1/2 cup 20 mule team Borax
1 cup Shout liquid
1 cup white vinegar
I went with warm water...if you can use hot, it will probably be better yet, but I was concerned about shrinking the clothes....Let this agitate for a minute, then add clothes, agitate for another minute to work through, and soak for about an hour and run on a regular, long cycle with extra rinse.

I had to buy the Oxiclean and "20 mule team boarx" so I didn't try it until Saturday and it worked for most of the stuff. There were about 5 pieces that still had stains so I re-soaked those pieces and it got it out a little more and then I just decided to live with it. At least it was out of the new pairs of pants!

Now I just need to make sure to check Jayden's pockets. It's all my fault. Although I would like to blame Dave for putting them in Jayden's pockets... I should always check! I'd like to say "lesson learned" but I'm sure it will happen again.

Here are Jayden's pictures. I didn't get the CD so I scanned them in and they look really dark. His shirt is blue and the back drop is a dark blue.

He did so good and I wish could afford more than 2 poses, but I guess I take enough regular pictures.


  1. Borax is also good for making globby goo! Great pics! ~V


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