Monday, April 6, 2009

My Pictures for Class

Today was my 3rd day of my 5 days of photography class. It is a beginner class so most of the stuff I know, like how to put your pictures onto the computer and then what to do with them. But I'm still glad I took the class because it's making me learn a lot about my camera that I didn't know. And I may just take most of my pictures in other modes other than Auto. Especially since I learned about changing the output of the flash and how it affects my kids faces.

Anyway, after our first week of class (it's just on Monday nights) our assignment was to take 10 pictures of something that didn't move, print them and bring them into class. I really liked the pictures I took and so did Liz and her mom, they say they are actually going to frame them and hang them in their houses. Liz is going to turn them black and white first.

I couldn't narrow it down to 10, of course I took close to 100. I had set the sun flower different ways before I decided to cut it off the stem and take the pictures like this. It is sitting on the window sill of our shed. Our shed looks like crap to be honest. It needs a new roof and windows and it has a hole in the floor of it. Actually I think they used half of it as a chicken coop. There is a little door out the back with a wired fence and with a wire fenced thing over top, so they don't fly out. Anyway, I think it actually looks nice in the pictures, very country like. And the crappy wood pile with all the weeds growing over it, that I think looks awful in the front of it but have been to lazy to move (mainly because I have more important things to do) since we've moved in, actually adds to the rustic appeal.
I think this first one is one of my favorites, I like the paint chipping in the picture.

What do you think?


  1. Wow! Those are awesome pictures!! definitely ones that could be used to decorate a home with an artsy kinda look. Amazing what an old shed can do for background appeal! Not only are you talented with quilts, but you are very artistic with pics, too!

  2. I like the third one down from the top, It's simple and I like the detail down to the rusty nail. ~V


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