Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding Cake

Saturday afternoon there was a couple that is investigating our church that was getting married. They weren't planning on doing anything special for it or making a big deal. Honestly they also didn't have the money to do anything. So on Thursday Dave volunteered to baked them a wedding cake and then Helen Bruchez sent out emails and organized other people bringing more food for after the wedding. Dave has been giving this couple rides and since he's the ward mission leader he also knows who they are.
Being that Dave volunteered meant that I was also going to help. Dave is capable of baking a really nice and tasty cake. But to save time and also because we had a lot of other things to do I baked the the cake and did the filling and then he did the icing and raspberries (Dave loves to do things like this). Here is the cake he made...
We had a birthday party to go to and a farewell party for Dave's aunt who is moving to Florida so we couldn't attend the wedding. Dave just dropped the cake off at the church. I also made chocolate cupcakes with white icing to insure there would be enough cake for everyone.
Here is the same cake that I made for Easter in 2005...
I don't know why the one is so much more yellow than the other one. Dave thinks I didn't put the vanilla in the other one but I don't know why i would have left that out.

I posted the recipe on Facebook. For some reason I cannot copy and paste it into here. It is also in our ward cookbook if you have that and it is originally from The Cake Mix Doctor cookbook.

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  1. WOW, I didn't realize Dave had such a knack for cakes! It's beautiful! The Bob the builder cake was way cool to! ~V


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