Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another I Spy Quilt

We did a gift exchange this year with the little kids (cousins) on my side of the family.  We had Jordan and Brianna.  My sister in-law had asked for an "I Spy" quilt for Brianna.
I have all the squares cut, because I have done at least 5 already, most likely more, but I've lost count.  So when I was cutting squares for like the 3rd one I decided to just cut up a whole bunch of squares.  I only buy about 1/4 yard because all I need to cut is a 4" square.  When I first started I had bought fabric that had to be "fussy" cut, I don't do that too much anymore, because that takes too much time.  I also bought some flannel  fabric because a lot of the baby prints are flannel.  Well, after washing Jayden's I Spy quilt several times, I decided to not buy flannel anymore.  I don't like how "pilly" it gets.  But I will use up what I have, there are 144 different squares, if I didn't have the flannel there would be a lot less squares.  Also the very first one, or maybe it was the second one, that I made was for a friend and I put family pictures in it.  I think for that particular one I just used the iron on stuff, but I now have the printable fabric.  However, washing that and it being folded up and what not... the pictures don't really last, so I don't do that anymore.  It's all a learning process, you learn as you go.  So I just thought I'd share what I know with you.
So I threw one together for my niece Brianna.

 Don't look too close because there are a lot of mistakes, I was really hurrying to get it done.
 I like to use this really soft stuff on the backs of my quilts.


  1. Yet another beautiful quilt Sue!!! I love the one you made for Kaily!! The family pic you added to ours has held up quite well despite the use. ~V

  2. i didn't even see them unwrap it. it would have been nice to see it in person. huh, where was i?


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