Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Crafts Day 2

I found these cute flower pin wheel things at AC Moore and thought they would be perfect for Jayden to paint for Granny and Grandma.  They would look so pretty in their flower beds (I would have loved for Jayden to paint me one, but I already had him making me a bunch of my own mother's day gifts, I didn't want to do another one.  hint, hint, Dave... wink, wink.)
He did an awesome job!!  He wanted to do a rainbow, so I put the paint in rainbow order and he did it all himself!  He opened the paint, painted each petal and closed the paint all by himself!  I was right there doing other things and I was so impressed!  Way to go Jayden!!!

I never got a picture of the finished product but you can kind of tell from the first picture.  We also turned it around a day or 2 later and so he could paint the back.  You are so awesome Jayden!!!

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