Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Sling

The wife of JJ's soccer coach had a home made baby sling that she used for her 1 year old.  She would hold him on her hip with the baby sling.  Watching her with it I decided that I'd make myself one.  I didn't have one with the boys, but I thought I'd try to make one for this baby.  So I looked up some instructions online and made one for myself and for my sister in-law.  If you use 2 different fabrics so it's reversible and your fabric is at least 44" wide you can make 2 slings at once.
I was pregnant when I made this and so when I first measured I measured wrong.  You're supposed to measure from your shoulder across your body to your hip bone, well I measured to my pelvic bone instead of my hip.  So the first one was too short.  However, thanks to a suggestion from Dave I was able to still use it.  Since I tapered it, I cut it in the middle and added a section that was just straight and I reversed the fabric and put a ribbon over the seams.  I think it turned out pretty cute.
And then the second one I cut correctly.  Well, I think I may want to take it in an inch or two, but it's easier to do that then to add to it.
Here I am using the baby sling...

Back on June 1st my sister in-law tried it out for me to make sure it wasn't too big.  She's in the picture below with her baby, Corban.
This sling has become very useful!!!!  Dave will even use it to hold and carry Mackenzie.  We have discovered it is one way that we can usually get Mackenzie to calm down and go to sleep.  She will normally fall asleep really well in it.  But then we have to keep her in it.  When we try to set her down she usually wakes up.
And it's pretty comfortable to carry her around in and get things done too.

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