Thursday, July 14, 2011

Table Cloth and Little Picnic Table

Last summer when I was surfing some craft blogs I found this one with a table cloth made out of bandana's.  I thought it would be perfect for Becky and Ralph's picnic table (Dave made them the table 9 years ago for their birthdays.)  So the boys helped me pick out some colors and I sewed it together.
That's it, no hemming and not cutting!  Just sew the squares together.  Try to buy the same brand because they do vary in size a little.

Andrew and the birthday girl, Becky
I know I've seen some table cloth weights at TJ Maxx but who knew if they still had some and I didn't have time to go, so the boys and I made some.  The boys helped me paint some rocks and Dave and I put wire and beads around them finishing them off with a clip to attach to the table cloth.  Now the table cloth won't blow away.

This year Dave made his parents a smaller picnic table for their grandchildren to sit at...

Isn't it awesome?  Dave did a great job!!!
Happy 60th birthday to Ralph and Becky!!!!  My favorite in-laws!!!!!  We love you lots!!!!!


  1. What great ideas -- all of them!! How crafty/handy/creative you AND Dave are!! Way to go!

  2. I've heard of the bandana tablecloths before - and it looks so cute! Now I'm going to have to make one too!


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