Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mackenzie is 3 Months Old!!!

Wow, my baby girl is 3 months old!  I am so blessed to have this little angel in my life!!!!  I just love her so much and I think she is the cutest little girl ever!!!!
She has really been smiling lots!!!!  She especially smiles at mommy when mommy smiles at her and I just love it!  She has started to get really excited when I get closer to her and start to pick her up, she'll kick her legs and move her arms really fast and sort of make an excited noise.
The other day I had her in her chair on top of the table as I was unloading the van.  Every time I came in with a new load of stuff she'd smile really big at me and move her legs and arms really fast.  I was so excited that she really noticed when I came in and was happy to see me!
Her 2 month check up was really closer to her being 3 months, it was on Sept 29th.  She weighed 12 pounds 1 ounce, 24 inches long and her head was 16 3/4 inches round.  She is doing great!
She loves to chew on her hands and grab her shirts, dresses and blankets and chew on them too.  If her hand is near my hair, she will also grab a handful of hair and I have to pry her fingers open to get her to let go.  I'm waiting for her to get her thumb.  I'm really hoping she will stop crying a lot when she finds her thumb.  She really cries when its time for a nap, she's so hard to get asleep.  She is only happy for about 20-30 minutes after she's done eating then she gets real fussy.  If you don't put her down at the right moment, it's real hard to get her asleep.  And when you have other kids to take care of, sometimes you miss the prime moment to put her down for her nap.  She's still sleeping in the baby swing, but occasionally I can get her to sleep for a little in  the bassinet.  She's doing good with waking up once during the night to eat and going for 7 hours.  She did do 9 hours once, and for a nursing baby at 3 months that's considered sleeping through the night.  Too bad, she's only done it once so far.
  She's not rolling yet and really she doesn't get any alone time on her tummy or just laying on a quilt.  Her brothers are always right there trying to play with her the second I put her down.  The poor little girl is always being smothered by her brothers.  And if they aren't there, mommy wants to play and cuddle her.  :)
She is cooing and talking and I love to hear it!
She loves to lay on the floor watching the TV especially when the Phillies are playing.  One time she was laying there watching and I picked her up and she started crying, I laid her back down and she stopped.
When I put her in her vibrating chair she loves to look at the black and white cards and has really started to look at the toys that hang from the bar.  And she seems to also enjoy looking at the toys on her little play mat too.
As always I took a lot of pictures of her on the day she turned 3 months!  She was pretty miserable this day and I actually had to reschedule her appointment with Portrait Innovations because she was just miserable all day.  And we had a lot of rain and a lot of flash flooding.  So I was surprise to actually get some smiles out of her, for how miserable she was.

She still loves to stick her tongue out!  She has not outgrown that yet.  And she really likes when I stick my tongue out at her, move it around and make noises with.  It's fun to watch her facial expressions.

I did give her bath during the day and her hair was all cute and fluffy, but she sweats so bad when she nurses!  I mean she looks like she just got another bath when she's done.  So her hair looks like it wasn't washed because of the poor little girl sweating so much.

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