Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Bib with Iron on Vinyl

I discovered there was iron on vinyl and I was so excited to make a bib for Mackenzie that you just wiped clean.  There is 1 store around where I live that sells this bib that snaps up into a pocket and the pocket stays open.  So many bibs have pockets, but the pockets don't stay open, so they don't really work.  The only problem is, I don't really like the designs on these bibs.  So I was so excited to make my own.  The vinyl makes it water proof, all you have to do it is wipe it off and I can use whatever fabric underneath that I'd like.
I chose to use a home decor fabric from Joanns because it was a bit more sturdy.  I also chose to applique an owl on the bib.  I drew him myself, isn't he cute?  I used fusible web to get the pieces of fabric to stay on the bib, and the iron on vinyl means you don't have to sew it on, the iron on vinyl will hold it in place.

Here's the owl before I ironed on the vinyl
I huge the finished bib on my recipe holder to take it's picture. Mackenzie was a sleep and I was too excited.
In order to get the pocket to poke out you tuck the corner in the bib.  The bibs that you buy have an extra snap there, but I don't think the snap is needed, you just fold in and it works too.
Below is a picture of it unfolded, easy to wipe clean and dump out the pocket full of food.
Now, the idea was good... but I'm not pleased with how it turned out.  The vinyl along the edges is cracking and that makes it a little rough.  Also, from folding the pocket in it looks like it might eventually start cracking there.  I won't if it's because I ironed the vinyl too much, of if that's just how it will be.  Or it could be the brand I used.  It would be perfect if the vinyl was cracking.  And it's really doing it around the curve of the neck so then there's all that roughness at my baby's neck.  I don't like that.  And because of the cracking, water does get inside and you can see that some of the fabric at the top gets wet.  So... I'm sure I'll be making more.  I don't have time to play around with it.  I have so many other thing's I'd like to craft, so I'll move on from the bib.  However, you might want to try it yourself, like I said it maybe something I did or the brand of vinyl I used.

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