Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have been wanting to make myself an apron for well over 2 years.  And I finally sat down and did it!
I found a pattern called "Spice it Up Apron" by Pat Bravo.  Click here to get the free pattern.  It's 3 pages of a PDF.  If you know how to sew, it's very easy to follow.
I made the top part of mine 12 inches wide and the waist of the top ended up being 21 inches, I wanted 16 but it stretched out as I sewed it.  My chest area is where I need the coverage, that's where all the grease splatters when I'm cooking.  So I made it bigger.
Also, note they never tell you to fold in your edges of the bias tape you sew at the top.  And also the ends of your ruffle you sew on the skirt, in mine it's green.  I think I would have like to do the sash in the green, but oh well, it's still nice the way it is.
The big reason it took me so long was I always look at a pattern and see things I want to try and do differently, so I have to sit there and figure it out.  I'm a nut about that!  So I just sat down and followed the pattern, except making the top wider to cover more.
And I bought sliders for the strap around the neck, you have to order those online.  They are like 40 cents and shipping is really cheap.  I ordered mine at
I didn't want to tie it behind my neck and I wanted it adjustable but I didn't want D rings with an end hanging down.  The sliders work great!

Another note, if I make this pattern again... you ruffle the whole width for that 12 inches for the top piece... that's a lot fabric up there.  I don't think I think I really like all that fabric up top.  I may not ruffle so much next time, maybe even just put a few pleats in instead of ruffling it... just a thought.

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