Friday, May 31, 2013

FHE Board

I was called back into Young Womens in March and am very sad about leaving Activity Days.  Most especially because I had planned the whole year and most of the things I really wanted to do  myself.  I wasn't released yet and got to make the FHE assignment board!  I had really wanted to do this, so I was glad to still be in.
I made this ahead of time to show the girls what it's supposed to look like.
It's a piece of foam board I cut to 15'x15".  I used a foam brush and mod podge to glue the scrapbooking paper on, that way there are less bumps and air bubbles that can occur when you use just regular Elmer's glue.
I used hot glue to glue the ribbon pieces around on the back.
I cut the rectangles out of memory foam and glued the stuff on them, and then hot glued the "song", "Opening Prayer", etc. on to the close pin.
And all you do is clip the close pin to the ribbon and persons name.  We only have 5 people in our family so we have 2 blanks that we can use for company that comes over or we can just keep them in baggie that I taped to the back.  And then 1 person will get 2 things, like song and opening prayer.  
After I took this picture I did glue on some gems and juiced it up a little bit.
I just set mine on top of the piano leaning against the wall.  But you can put it in a plate stand of hot glue ribbon to the back to hang it.
We have a page on facebook for our ward and I posted it there for the girls parents to see what we would be making.  And I took it into to church the Sunday before our activity to show the girls what it looked it to encourage them to come.  And it was the Sunday that I took it in that I was told I would be released from Activity Days... So sad!  I've enjoyed the short year and a couple of months I was in activity days!

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