Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baking Soda Clay

Last summer Tanner made the cutest little clay pot at an art camp.  I keep it at the sink and I put my rings in it.  I just LOVE it!  I had seen some pins on Pinterest for making baking soda clay pots so I decided to do it with the kids.
Here is the link for where I got the recipe and instructions.  And here is the link to the recipe right on the Argo website.  I did read some other ones and I remember reading that you can put the clay in a sealed container or bag and it will keep for a few days, so no need to hurry and rush and get it made before it dries out, most especially if you live on the east coast where it is so humid!
Jayden was my big helper!  He measured everything and put it in the pot.  And if you can see the white stuff in his hair, the one time I told him to tap down the measuring cup and he did it a little too hard and baking soda (or corn starch, I forget which one it was) went everywhere and I just busted up laughing.  Jayden's face when it happened was really funny!!!!

Here's the recipe I used...
1 cup corn starch
2 cups baking soda
1.25 cups cold water
Non-stick pot
Wooden spoon
Med-large bowl
Damp cloth, lid or plate

I didn't use a non stick pot or a wooden spoon, and I doubled the recipe.
Combine all ingredients in the pot and mix until smooth.  Cook on low-medium heat, stirring constantly until it starts to look like mashed potatoes and sort forms a ball.  Put it in a separate bowl to cool and cover it partially with a lid or a damp towel.  
I didn't let it cool for very long because the kids were so excited to play with it.
You should knead it a little bit too.
Then divide it up and let the kids have fun!
If you want to stick pieces together use a little bit of water, not too much or it'll get mushy.
 I really did not need to double it!  I only wanted a the kids to make a small little pot.  But there was a lot of clay!
 We used candles to help make the pots.  We basically molded it around the candle then wiggled the candle out.  This way they can also be candle holders.
You can see the little brown pot Tanner made last year in the pictures above with Kolin.  I had it there for an example.  Tanner had used real clay, but I didn't feel like buying any clay, that's why we made it.  Plus it was fun for the kids to make the clay.

This is how much we got out of doubling it.

To dry it put it on a cooling rack to air dry so the air flows evenly around it.  OR preheat oven to 350 then turn it OFF. Place items on wire rack on a cookie sheet in the oven.  Repeat as necessary.

I did not put it on the wire rack right away because I didn't want those lines on the bottom.  But it took forever to air dry!!!  And I did the oven several times too!  However, it is the middle of summer and very, very humid and we do NOT have central air at our house.  But my husband said they cracked a little because I didn't put them on the wire rack right away.

After they are dry if you want to you can sand them, I did not.  Then paint them and spray them with acrylic spray paint to protect them from water.

Here are the finished pieces, after I sprayed them with clear acrylic, except Kolin's because he took his home.

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