Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chicken Money Saving Tip

When chicken breast is on sale I buy a lot of it.  I will cube it and spread it out on a greased cookie sheet and then freeze it over night.  Then I put it in a gallon freezer bag.  This way I can just pour what I need into my pan, crock pot, casserole dish or whatever I need cubed raw chicken for, which seems to be a lot of things.  It's a nice time saver and it saves money when you buy it on sale.

Please note in the picture below there isn't much chicken on the pan, I normally put more on.  However in the case below I had bought a big pack and cooked some of it that night for dinner so what was left I cubed and threw it on a greased cookie sheet to freeze.

I love not having to wait to thaw my frozen chicken breast, then cutting it up to use it.  This works so well straight from the freezer, with it being already cut up it cooks quick and by freezing it on a pan it doesn't all clump together when you put it in the freezer bag, making it nice to get just the portion you want.

I will also boil some chicken, shred it and then spread that out on a pan, freeze it and then place it in a gallon freezer bag.  For the shredded chicken I don't normally spray the pan.  But for the raw cubed chicken I've found that it needs to be sprayed.

The pre-cooked shredded chicken I use for my salad and I have some recipes that call for pre-cooked chicken.  Or I can shorten some cooking time in some recipes by already having the chicken cooked. 

It's real nice for my salads, I just put some in a small microwave safe bowl, put a lid on it and zap it in the microwave for about 40 seconds and throw it on my salad.

And you can trim the fat off the chicken breast, leave it whole and place it on a greased cookie sheet and freeze it that way.  If chicken breasts aren't on sale I normally just buy the forzen chicken breasts from BJ's.  However unless I'm grilling it, I usually cut it up to cook it, so I don't just trim it and freeze it whole.

I normally buy and freeze enough to have until the next time Chicken breasts is on sale again.  I don't get the paper with the sale ads, I just always walk past the chicken breasts and look to see if they are on sale when I go grocery shopping, which is at least once a week for milk and veggies.

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