Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bracelets and Keychains

Jayden was supposed to have his Valentine's day party at preschool on Thursday, but school was canceled because of the snow.  So it will be post-poned until Tuesday.  Jayden (me really) signed up to bring the take home treat for the party.  We put together little goodie bags and in them we included bracelets for the girls and key chains (to put on the zipper of their back packs) for the boys.  We put everyone's name on them.  Jayden did an amazing job!

 Ta-Da!  There are 10 girls and only 5 boys in his class.
I had bought 2 bags of letters so we'd have enough.  It turns out there were not enough "N's" but plenty of the other letters.  So Dave drilled holes in the "Z's" so we could turn them into an "N."  We were going to make ones for Carolynn, Damean, Finn and Tanner, but... ummm... not enough "N's!"  I wasn't going to buy another pack just for one letter.  I wonder if at Michaels or AC Moore if I can just buy one letter.  Does anyone know?

1 comment:

  1. Brody & Kara don't have "n's"
    What a cute idea!
    Great job JJ!


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