Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Published in the March 2010 Issue of FamilyFun Magazine

Here is the link to see the page with "My Great Idea"
                                      I was published!                
                     March 2010                
If the Link doesn't work for you, there is one on the side too, but I print screened it, here it is...


I wish they would have used a different picture, like one with Jayden playing the game, but whatever... it works!!!  And I should be getting $100 for it!  FYI - they also changed around what I actually said, but I knew they would, they tell you that when you submit it, and hey, I'm not a writer so that's okay!

YAY!!!  So excited!!!

What do you think?  I actually did like 20 different game pieces!!  I started making this a year ago, you can tell by the pictures of Tanner and Carolynn and I didn't finish it until right before I sent it in to Family Fun, I finished on Nov. 8, 2009.  The pieces just sat here on my desk waiting to be laminated, for a very long time!

Oh, I'll post the pictures I took to submit to Family Fun...  I only sent 4 of these, I don't remember exactly which 4, but of course I told them I had more if they wanted them and I could send them at full resolution too.
Here are the ones from November 8, 2009, the night I finished making them...
 This next one is the one they used...





 These next 2 pictures are from Nov. 9, 2009...  And I do know I sent these 2 pictures in to FamilyFun...
 Above is Carolynn, Ben and Jayden.  They enjoyed playing the game.
 At night we invited Pappy and Granny over to play with us and so I could get a picture to send into FamilyFun.
Yay Me!!!

More details and "how to"...

These are double sided.  To get them double sided I used a software editing program (I think you can do this on to flip the image, so I had a mirrored image.  I ordered my pictures through  To make sure they were small enough I created a "collage print" on their site with the image and it's mirror image, just 2 pictures in a collage at 9 cents a print.  You could just order wallets, but it's cheaper to create a collage print, and it's super easy!

If you don't let the glue dry in can squeeze out when it's going through the laminator and make a mess, it happened to me with another project.  

I used construction paper with mine, but I recommend colored card stock because it's thicker.  I have to put a piece of clear tape on the bottom of mine so they stay in the stand better.

The plastic stands are the ones that came with the game.

I didn't submit these pictures, but here you can see most of the games pieces I made...



  1. Awesome! Cute idea and now you can tell people you are "published". Good job Sue!

  2. congrats. That is a really big deal and what a great idea!

  3. That is so cute!! You never cease to amaze me with how awesome you are with fun ideas for your kids! Carolynn couldn't have a better babysitter, that's for sure... she even has her own game piece!!!! What a neat idea!

  4. That really is a wonderful idea, Sue. And, it's even cooler that you shared it with Family Fun and got PUBLISHED!!! I'm so impressed!!!

  5. That's great!!! You are such a fun and amazing mom!!!

  6. awesome!!!!! such a cute idea!

  7. That is awesome and what a cool idea!

  8. You are so creative and clever Sue, don't stop with just this idea. Love, Becky


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