Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jayden's Scarecrow

A few weeks ago Jayden had helped Granny and Pappy plant seeds in their garden.  He has been talking about planting a garden for such a long time!  Where we live we have a lot of land, but not one place that gets enough sun throughout the day to have a garden.  While he was there he had told granny that she needed a scarecrow so the birds won't eat the seeds.  So he volunteered to make one.
Below is Jayden making his scarecrow face...
On the 19th he painted the face... (it's fabric paint, so it should last)
And in my previous post you saw that Cheryl and I helped put him together on the 24th.  After dinner on Sunday we went over to put the scarecrow in the garden.  It was getting dark and it was a very cloudy day.

Below, Jayden is making his scarecrow face again...
He stands in the strawberry patch watching over the rest of Pappy and Granny's huge garden!!!!

Now remember, my boys learn everything from Caillou and that is where the scarecrow came from too.  He is only missing to pie pans that bang together in the wind.  We now have two pie pans and need to take them over.  (this is the 30th that I'm actually posting this.)  The other day Tanner picked up one of the pie pans (just the aluminum ones) and started banging on it and said "scarecrow!"

1 comment:

  1. That's a scary face JJ!
    Every time we see that show i think to myself that Brody should make one for our garden.


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