Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jayden's Scripture Bag

Jayden has loved carrying my scriptures around and has asked to take them to class with him, but I needed them so I didn't let him.  So we bought him his own.  He can't read yet so we debated whether or not to get him a whole set.  In the end we decided to just get him the Book of Mormon for now and if he still enjoys carry them around and pretending to read them, maybe we'll buy him the bible for Christmas.  So for now I made him a little bag to carry it in.  I wanted to do kid colors, but still appropriate for church.

It has a little pocket in the front for a pen and pencil.  I don't have a surger so I did a french seam on it which I think helps it stand up.  I also put batting in it to make it more sturdy.  I put batting in the handles but next time I will double it because they still seam flimsy.  It didn't need a button but I thought Jayden would really like it, so we did a small dinosaur that he picked out.

I finally finished it on the 6th but the first Sunday that it was finished he forgot them and we didn't get any pictures.  He was pretty upset that he forgot them too.

He loves taking his own scriptures to church!  And he'll sit there and look at the pictures and pretend to read it.  He does that at home too!  And I just love it!  He'll also open it and pretend to read out loud as he tells stories of Jesus that he's learned in primary or from us.  Just so cute!  And I love it!


  1. I would love to get the pattern from you and make some for Damean as Damean's teacher asks them to bring scriptures to church. How cute :)

  2. Very cute! You'll have to make one for each of my kids; since I have no idea how to sew.

  3. so cute! you are so crafty. that is one thing i am definately not but wish i were. love it!


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