Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chocolate Lollipops

Jayden goes to preschool on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, so the 10th of February was his Valentines day party.  I love the chocolate made from the chocolate wafers and so I decided Jayden would give one to each of his classmates, we gave like 5 each to his teachers and then handed them out to friends and family.  I had the rose molds and the hearts with the doves from our wedding.  Dave and I made these for our wedding, 9 1/2 years ago and I saved the molds.  And we bought two other heart molds for Valentine's Day.  So we were working with 6 molds (cuz we had 2 rose molds and 2 heart and dove molds).  And we had 6 pounds of chocolate wafers.
I started around 2pm when Tanner went down for his nap.  When Dave came home he and Jayden washed their hands and started helping.  I left the two of them to work on it while I made dinner and cleaned up from dinner.  And I finished them up when Dave left shortly after 8pm to go play basketball at church.  In all we made about 95 chocolate lollipops.  It took a long time to do it, but we sure love them!

While we were waiting for the chocolate in the molds to harden or while we ate dinner and whatever.  Dave had the brilliant idea to set the squeeze bottles of chocolate in a bowl of water on top of the coal stove.  This way it would stay warm and we didn't have to microwave it again.  He's so smart!

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