Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hooter Hiders - AKA Modest Nursing Cover

I made a Hooter Hider (modest nursing cover) for a friend of mine who happens to be due the day after me.  She doesn't find out what she's having, but she said she's the one wearing it so it really doesn't matter what sex the baby is.  She likes purple and purple I think is a hard fabric to find, at least in our tiny Joann's store.  She works with flowers and plants and so I chose this fabric.  I hope she likes it.
And I made another HH for myself.  A dear friend, Natalie, made me one with Tanner and I loved it!  And she is the one who then gave me the pattern to make them.  I had bought this fabric for a college friend of mine and then found out someone else had already made her one.  So, since I'm having a girl I thought I'd use it for myself.  I still have the one Natalie made me, so now I have 2.  I can keep one at home for when company is over and one in the diaper bag for when we're away, or what have you.

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