Sunday, April 10, 2011


I want to make a tutu for my precious little baby girl for some pictures.  So I looked it up online.  Then I decided since Kara and Carolynn's birthdays are coming up I would also make them one.  I had posted Kara's a little earlier when I posted about her birthday party.  Below is Carolynn in her tutu with her doll also in her tutu.  Both my sister and Polly love purple so that worked out nice (that I could do them all with the same tulle.)
They are super easy to make!  Just about every website I went to said to cut the tulle in strips, I did 3 inches wide.  You make it double the length you want it because you tie it around the elastic.  I had a hard time sewing the elastic with my sewing machine, it just wouldn't do it.  So I finally just hand sewn the elastic together.  That's all the sewing you do, just the elastic band.  For the girls I used a 3/4" wide elastic and for the dolls I think it was 1/4" or 1/2" inch, sorry I don't remember.  I had 3 yards of the dark purple and 3 yards of the light purple and I got 2 tutu's for little girls and 2 matching tutu's for their dolls.  If you want to make it puffier, just double your strips of tulle when you tie them on.  This was the first time I made them, so I wasn't sure how puffy it would be with just a single layer.  If I make a longer one, I think I'd double it.  But for now I think it's puffy enough.  To tie the tulle on, I put the elastic over my leg, it made it very easy to tie the tulle on.  I didn't do a double knot, I put the ends of the tulle together, made a loop around the elastic and pulled the tulle through.  I think it lays nicer that way then making a double knot.
 The day I made them, March 14, 2011, Jayden wanted to try Carolynn's on.  So below are 2 pictures of him twirling in Carolynn's tutu back on March 14th.

Tanner didn't want to put Kara's on, but Jayden enjoyed twirling around in the tutu for a little bit.  How fun to have these pictures to show his future girlfriends!  :)


  1. So cute, Sue! I will have to make one for Kimmy and Katie (her doll)!

  2. Too cute.
    Today we put the tutu on her dora doll.


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