Friday, May 27, 2011

Car Seat Tent

One day last year while I was surfing some craft blogs I had found this car seat tent.  I copied and pasted the instructions (which really isn't much, mainly I did it for the idea so I wouldn't forget) and saved it in a word document on my computer.  Anyway, I did forget about it and then saw it on my hard drive, opened it to see what it was and decided to make it.
The ones I saw online are not pieced, just one big piece of fabric for the top and one for the bottom.  But I really wanted pieced butterflies, and so I pieced my mine.  I also quilted the layers together with NO batting in the middle.  You want it to be breathable, so it's just the fabric.
If I make another one, to give to someone, I think I would round the corners.  I thought about rounding the corners on this one, but it already took me longer then planned because I cut the fabric wrong, so I didn't want to mess with it anymore.
It's just a rectangle with the loops attached so it stays in place and off of baby's face.  I was thinking when she's out of this car seat I can un-stitch the loops with my seam ripper and she can use it as a blanket for her dolls or herself.

The fabric below is the fabric on the other side, the stuff she looks at if she's awake.  I really wanted it to be fun and colorful!

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