Saturday, April 14, 2012

Navy Blue Shoes

I love this navy blue pair of shoes I made for Mackenzie!!!!  I tried the elastic strap.  I think I like the strap with the button and the elastic loop better.  But I'm just trying new things.  I was thinking of using a snap and making changeable flowers to put on the shoe.  So I can have different colors of flowers, white, yellow, red, pink.  But I have since decided I like them just the way they are, now I wish I had pleated them.  But I didn't pleat them because I was going to put a flower on it... oh well... I still like them!!

This is how Mackenzie crawls on a slippery surface with her left leg out, I think it's so cute...
She is just so cute!!!!  I sure love this little girl of mine!!!!!

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