Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hair Bows

For Activity Days we made these cute hair bows from felt!  I made these to show the girls the week before what we were making and to have as examples.  We actually didn't make the little one (the one I did in blue), we didn't have time.  But I plan on doing that on another Wednesday night.  They are super easy and fairly cheap to make.  I found the idea on pinterest.
Click Here to go to the website with the tutorial on how to make them...
 The elastic headbands I bought at the Dollar Tree a pack of 8 for a dollar!  And the hair clips my sister in-law had given to me before she moved.  The double prong ones I found were hard to find, but I was told you can buy them at a place where hair stylists can buy their things, like a store especially for hair and beauty.
I had read on another blog about using shelf liner to keep the hair bow from slipping.  So I also picked up some of that up at the dollar store and cut into little pieces to be glued onto the bottom.
 On the hair clips I didn't put ribbon on the bottom prongs because I wanted it to be able to slide through the hair.  If  you don't want to put ribbon on the hair clip you will at least need some felt to sandwich the top prong between to help the hot glue keep it together.  If you just glue the metal clip to the flower, it will eventually come off.  So by wrapping the ribbon all the way around the top prong (so the top prong is in between 2 pieces of ribbon, basically) and then gluing the ribbon to the flower, it will stay.  Normally you'd want to use a color of ribbon that matches your flower because you can sometimes see the end of the metal clip.  But I didn't know what color the girls would choose to make and ribbon is fairly expensive, so I just made up a bunch of clips with the white ribbon for them to use.
However, when I made some more felt flower clips after our activity I actually used a piece of felt to put over the part of the clip that you pinch with your fingers, because you can see that part when the flower is in your hair and the felt just helped it blend in, the ribbon kind of stood out.

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