Friday, August 24, 2012

Pictures of the Schmids

I took some pictures of the Schmids for them too.  However, we weren't able to head out with them until 6:30pm and it was getting dark fast!  I was really afraid at how the pictures would turn out!  I really hate grainy pictures but with it starting to get dark, that's what you're gonna have if you want the pictures to be bright enough and use a faster shutter speed and what not.  I had to play around with the levels in Photoshop because the pictures were also very blue because of the sun being down.  I'm actually pleased with these 3 family shots!  Woah, and relieved that I got 3 good family shots!  I should post the before and afters because I'm so excited at how I was able to edit them!  Maybe we'll save that for another post.
 Just a side note, Lora is expecting a baby in Jan.!  Yay!!!!
Okay, so this one still looks a little "blue" maybe I'll go back and play around some more!
 Aren't they so cute?!
Yeah, we like butt shots...
I still have more to edit, but these were the easiest because they were sort of the first ones we did, the later ones it got really dark out!!!  In order to get a decent picture the shutter speed was really slow and the ISO was pretty high, so I'm not thrilled with the others.  But I will try to edit them...

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