Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby Girl Shoes - Black and Pink

A friend of mine will be having a baby girl any day so I made a pair of shoes for her.  And I also made her a matching flower clip for her hair, but I didn't take a picture of the 2 together.
And I also made my niece, Cozette a pair for her 1st birthday.

The top pair are size 3 months with matching fabric on the bottom and the bottom pair are 12  month with grippy stuff on the bottom.

You can download the free pattern from Tao of Craft click here to go to their link.
I didn't use their strap piece.  I just used the piece that was left over from cutting out the shoe for the strap.  And I don't like velcro, it comes apart too easily.  I like to put an elastic loop in the end and then put that over a button.  It's harder to come off and it gives it a little stretch.  Really you don't have to un-do it to get the shoe on and off the baby's foot either.  You can check out my tutorial here from the pleated Mary Janes on how I do my strap.

I had original bought this fabric to make Mackenzie a dress and matching shoes, but then my mom had her stroke and I never got it done.  So I decided to use it for a friend and my niece.  Maybe I'll make a skirt or dress from it for Mackenzie someday.

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