Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Plaque

I saw a cute card on Pinterest with a foot print and hand prints in the shape a heart and it said "From the bottom of my heart, to the tips of my toes, I love you!"  So I decided to make a plaque out of it and also do the feet in a heart shape.
Dave cut and spray painted some extra wood for me and I did the rest.  I did the kids feet and hand prints in the shape of hearts on card stock with washable poster ink and I printed the poem on card stock.  I also had Kolin and Tanner sign their names on card stock and I scanned it into the computer and put it at the bottom of their card.  I first had Tanner try to sign the card, but it must have intimated him because it was a small space.  So I just had him write it on the paper like I had Kolin do.  I actually had Kolin trace his name (he's only 3) and then I erased the pencil before scanning.

 Oh and of course I mod podged the pieces to the board and mod podged over the whole thing and the sides 3 times, letting it dry in between layers.

Mackenzie wouldn't let me do her hand prints.  The whole time I was painting her feet she was saying "ouch, ouch, ouch!" It was really funny!  And she did it again when I was washing her feet.  When I asked her if I could do her hands she said "no!" So I just stopped there.  And I turned hers the other direction and put a piece of Scrapbooking paper behind it.

 I didn't get a picture of Tanner's finished because he gave it to his Granny and she stopped by right after it had dried so I just let her take it then, well Tanner gave it to her then.
But I did take this picture of all 3 of them last night, before I mod podged the top and at this point I had only mod podged Kolin's papers down, not Mackenzie or Tanner's (I just placed them there for the picture.)  I had to go and buy more mod podge the following day.
I think they turned out pretty cute!!!  What do you think?

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