Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY Wall Art Blocks

So here is another Wall Art I made using the 8x8 blocks I talked about in the previous post.  I just love this one too!!!!

 I really want to hang it on my brick above the fire place because that is where I have all my family pictures (of my sister's family, sister in-laws family, etc.)  But I don't know how to hang it without permanently putting a hole in the brick.  Does anyone know how I could do that? 
I ended up just hanging it in the living room and it looks fabulous!!! 

I did this the same way I did the 6-inch squares.  Please click here to read the instructions.

I took this picture, maybe not… hmmm… it was one like this.  Sorry, I'll have to pull out the DVD I burned the pictures too.  
and I divided it into 4 separate pictures, using photo shop, added text and printed the 4 separate pictures.  Then I used the instructions in my previous post to mod lodge them to the blocks of wood.  

This is what it looks like finished…

Okay, I didn't find this exact one I used, I must have put in a different folder other then from the date I took the picture, but I did find 2 different ones it looks like I had considered using here they are…





Another set...



 Here is the second set all together...

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