Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painting Canvas

I bought some canvas and had the kids pick out some new acrylic paints.  I taped their initial on the canvas using masking tape.  The painters tape wasn't really sticky enough, so I used masking tape.
Then I let the kids paint them!
Again, I only let them have one color at a time.
They had so much fun!!!!



Kolin, I babysit him.
Before they were totally dry, I pulled the tape off and then let them finish drying.  Here they all are...
Mackenzie, Tanner, Jayden and Kolin
Super cute!!!  I sure love them!!!  I should have taken a picture of my kiddos hanging up in their room. I love looking at them in their rooms!  And Mackenzie loves her's too!  She'll point to it and say "my M, for me!"  I just LOVE the kids art work!!!!!!!

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