Friday, March 4, 2011

Burp Cloths

A few months ago I had found some patterns for some cute baby stuff on and I copied and pasted them into a word document.  I actually remembered I had them and made myself some cute burp cloths!  I'm so excited to use them!  There is terry cloth on one side and 100% cotton fabric on the other.
 I am a very frugal person and so I bought myself the cheapest fabric I could find.  There were some more expensive (double the price) fabrics that I liked better.  But I'm so cheap, I just couldn't get the expensive stuff for myself.
 I attempted a decorative stitch but it turned out to actually be a pain.  I had to rip out lots of stitches and try to line it up and start over, so I only did it on one of the burp cloths.
 I'm also making a cute changing pad too, and so I decided to make a burp cloth with the fabric I will be using inside the changing pad.  After all, I really am a blue, green and brown kind of girl.  So I really like this one.  I have the same pink terry cloth on the back of it.

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