Friday, March 4, 2011

"Binky Leashes"

Pacifiers, Binkies, Nuk's... there are so many different names for them...  I personally call it a Nuk, because that is what Gerber calls them.  But where I got the pattern they call them "Binky Leashes."
We used these with the boys and so I figured we would with the girl and so I made some of these too.

Go here for the pattern on
There is also a carrying bag pattern for the binkies with the pattern for the leashes.  I chose not to make one.  We have some hard plastic cases that came with the Nuks that I like better than a cloth case.  But I'm thinking of making one out of oil cloth, similar to one I've seen sold in stores.  Only time will tell if I actually make one or not.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! They are cute. It helps so much to not have to clean the binkie every 10 seconds. Your burp cloths are cute too! I'm excited for your baby girl to come!


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