Sunday, November 6, 2011

Practice, Practice and More Practice

I drug the boys outside and tried again...
Really we were only outside for like 10 minutes and I snapped some pictures.  Besides practicing, my friend, Natalie had gotten me a frame with 3 spots for pics as a gift when Mackenzie was born.  So I have also wanted to get 1 good picture of each kid to put in the frame. 
I think I got 3 good ones, I just need to figure out which ones.  And I can crop them landscape or portrait.
What do you think?  Did they turn out okay?

I think I like this one and the first of Jayden the best
Mackenzie wasn't really into smiling this day, but I think I still love this one.
I just thought she was cute playing with her toys.
I just love this cheesy smile!
The individual shots I can normally get in focus, it's the group shots I have a problem with, someone or more then one person is always out of focus and that bugs me to no end!!!!!

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