Friday, November 18, 2011

Tirck or Treat Banner

Last year my friend, Cristina, showed me a picture of a "Trick or Treat" banner and wanted to make one together.  we had each bought stuff to make one but could never find time to get together to do it.  Also, I was pregnant with Mackenzie and just sick, tired and miserable.  So mine never got finished last year.  I packed it up the stuff with my Halloween decorations.  This year when I got my stuff out I was so excited to get it finished.  I started working on it, then things came up, like making things for my sister in-law who was due with her first baby and my mom's stroke.  So I never got it done and there it sat at the end of my dining room table.
I was determined to not pack it away unfinished again.  So I finished it, even though Halloween was over.  It felt so good to finally have it done!
Here it is, with my cutie-pa-tootie models, my niece Carolynn and Tanner man!
I used felt on the back of the triangles and behind the letters.  The fabric part of the letters was done with fusible web, then I attached the felt with fabric glue, because it's faster.
I used glow in the dark thread to sew the triangles together and just used pinking shears to save time, and it gives it a bit of a Halloween look.

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