Thursday, September 20, 2012

Angry Bird Pizza

I had decided to just make a frozen pizza since this was a very busy week for us.  This night Jayden had soccer practice and I had board meeting with the preschool and Dave had to finish taking up the carpet and linoleum floor that was in the boys closet to get it ready for the new carpet on Friday morning.  Anyway, I thought I'd make it a little fun and turned the frozen pizza into and angry bird.  I had seen this on Pinterest and thought I'd try it.  I used Turkey Pepperoni, american cheese (white and orange) and olives.  My boys love it!!!
 At some point while it was cooking, Tanner got hurt and Mackenzie kissed him to make him feel better, it was so cute!
I turned the oven light on so we could watch it cook and Mackenzie said "ooooooooooo" when we looked in at it, it was so cute!
 Tada, it's done... and I over cooked it a little...

After dinner Tanner stayed to help daddy and I took Jayden to his soccer practice with Mackenzie and then they came to my preschool board meeting with me.  They got to play with all the toys at the preschool during our meeting.  And ever since then Mackenzie has wanted to go into the preschool and play, I guess because now she knows what's in there.

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