Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby Boy Gift

My friend, Natalie, had her 5th baby!!!  And her 4th boy!!!  How exciting for her to have another sweet little baby!!!  I had wanted to make her some cute  boy shoes.  She is a big time PSU fan and I thought about maybe using PSU fabric or something along those lines.  But then I just decided to go with some stuff that I already had at home.  Then I saw this cute appliquéd tie on a onesie and I knew I just had to make that along with matching shoes!  And I couldn't decided if I wanted to go with "black" or "brown" so I did both.  I can't help myself, they are so cute!  And everyone needs a black and brown pair of shoes, right?
So here they are...
 I just LOVE them!!!  It almost makes me want to have another boy... almost!
You can find the pattern and a tutorial for the tie here... I drew my own tie, and I used Steam-a-lite 2, not the under wonder that she used.  They are the same thing, I just have Steam-a-Lite 2 from other projects I've done.
The "brown" shoes... really brown and green.  This is the same pattern for boys that I've made before with the wanes tooth fabric.   The pattern is the Taylor Shoe by Home Spun Threads.  Click Here to go there.  The pattern is free and they have an awesome tutorial on how to make them.  And they show you how to make the shoes without a seam showing in the inside of the shoe.

and the "black" shoe...

Cute, right?  Well I sure think so!
And after I had mailed this to Natalie, I was in Target and I saw a onesie on their self with a tie appliquéd to it, but I like mine better!  :)  After all, mine come with matching shoes!  :)

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