Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Playing Around

I had volunteered for a little over an hour at Jayden's school, walking with his class for their annual walk-a-thon.  I totally forgot about the carpet coming that morning!  Luckily my awesome mother in-law came to my house to watch Tanner and Mackenzie while I went to the school and the carpet guys came. 
We were just walking around the school, so I didn't take my camera to the walk-a-thon.  And like always, when I don't have it I wish I did.  At one point they stopped and did the chicken dance, and Jayden actually did it!!!!!!  Woah!  I was so surprised that he did it!  I had my phone and video taped a little to send to Dave.  It's awful quality so I won't put it on here.  It sure was fun walking with his class and seeing all the kids he has school with!  And I finally got to meet his teacher in person.

Polly volunteered in the afternoon at the walk-a-thin so I watched Cozette for her while she went in.  It was so nice outside I decided to try and take some pictures of Cozette.  These are my favorite...

Cozette started coughing and Mackenzie came over and patted her back!  What a little sweet heart!!!  I don't know where she learned that.  I guess just from watching us, but I don't think we really did it that much.  Just so cute the things she picks up!!!

 When we were back inside Tanner wanted his picture taken and you know I won't pass up that opportunity!  So here were my favorite of him...
 He's such a cute little boy!!!  I do love my little Tanner man!!!

 He tried putting his hat on Mackenzie, how sweet!

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