Monday, December 26, 2011

Carolynn's Cape

I really wanted to get this cape made for Carolynn for Christmas.  (Just a side note, I have lots of nieces and nephews so I might need to explain why I am singling out just one to make a gift for... I baby sit Carolynn a couple days a week and normally you get the kid you baby sit for a gift.  That's what Jayden's babysitter did for him when I was working.)  But with going to visit my mom so much (that's a minimum of 3 hours every time I go, normally longer because I like to stay longer than an hour.  It's a 50 minute drive one way.) I just didn't have time to get everything done that I wanted to for Christmas.  There were a few things I just decided to not do.  So the day after Christmas I whipped up the cape and took it over to Carolynn.

I was up early one morning and I was watching Sewing with Nancy on PBS and they talked about this charity Enchanted Makeovers  they make and donate Capes for Kids that are currently living in shelters.  I linked to their website where you can find more information and the pattern for the cape.  From their website :
We Believe:
Capes for Kids represents hope. Since every cape is unique and handmade with love, each child who receives one will feel their own superpowers, and know that they have the strength and ability to create whatever they want for their lives.

 One day I think it will be fun to get the church group to make a bunch and mail them to this group.  It sounds like such a great idea!  In the mean time, I took their pattern and made a cape for Carolynn...

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