Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mackenzie is 6 Months!

Happy 6 months old to my littlest angel... Mackenzie Gail!!!!!  I love you so much!!!!!!
We had a very busy day today!  But since we were going away for the weekend I just had to take some 6 month pictures of her!!  So there were some things I didn't do because I chose to take my baby's pictures.  They are only 6 months once and they grow up so fast!
And I didn't have much time to take them either, so I quickly threw down a white blanket, got her dressed and snapped away.  For rushing around snapping them, I think they turned out okay.
These are my favorite, enjoy...
I'm pretty sure this was when Daddy came home and helped me.  She smiles so big for daddy!!! She sure loves her daddy!!!
We had to give her the purple pony because she kept pulling up her dress and chewing on it.  But if I was thinking I'd gotten out the same small teddy bear that the boys held when they were 6 months old.  But I was hurrying and so I didn't even think about it until a few days later.  Oh well, she's still so cute!
I just love that little face!
She loves her toes!!!!  And for some reason will only play with them if she doesn't have pants on, it's like they get in her way or something.  But as soon as I pull her pants off, like when I'm changing her diaper, her feet go up in the air and into her mouth.
She is my little baby doll and I just love her so much!!!  She brightens my day!!!  I love hugging her, kissing her, holding her, playing with her... I love everything about her!!!!!!
At 6 months... 
she is starting to sit on her own, but still tumbles over sometimes.
She has 2 teeth
is finally stating to eat her baby food, it took about 2 months for her to actually eat it and now she just loves to eat!
She growls instead of babbling or doing the "mamama and dadada's"
When she's on her tummy, she usually arches her back and tries to swim.  I try to put her on her knees and she fights me by make her legs really stiff and straight.  She wants nothing to do with crawling.
She can sleep through the night, but often wake at 1:30 am, I'm working on just rocking her back to sleep instead of nursing her.
She is just a joy and I feel so blessed to have her in my life!!!!!!!!!!

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