Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recipe Holder

Here is the recipe holder Dave made for me and his mom for Christmas.  I had found it on a blog awhile ago and decided I really wanted one.  So I asked Dave to make it for me and thought that his mom might like one as well.  I just love it!!!  I use it all the time!!!!  The metal is magnetic and so I just use a small magnet to hold my recipe up.  It can hold a little note card or a whole piece of paper.  It keeps my recipe where I can see it and out of the food or water on the counter top!  And I will usually chose my recipes for the week and just clip them all there.  I truely love it!
The one I had seen on the other blog had the edges antiqued and I thought I'd like that, but I had never done it before, so we didn't do it to this yet.  We figured we can always go back and do it if we want.

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