Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve!  I love the tradition that Dave's family has and getting together with them.  
This year we made the cheese ball snowman to take with us.  We made this a couple years ago.  It's from and it's so easy and cute to make!
(please note... click on any picture to make it bigger, then hit the back button to go back to the blog.  There are a lot of pics, so I'm going to keep them smaller.)
After a fabulous dinner we all get dressed up to act out, read and sing the story of Christs birth.
Can you see Dave's right eye?  Earlier in the day he and Jayden were wrestling and Jayden hit him in the eye!  It was a lot puffier before we left to go to his parents house.  Because of it being swollen, it was really bothering Dave... poor guy!

The Shepherds

The wise men...
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus...

Corban wanted to hold Mackenzie...

After that it was present time.  Jayden got a zip line and he was so excited!
Mackenzie's first Christmas and this is the only picture I got of me and her, and it's not that great of either of us!  Her shirt said "Baby's First Christmas" I got it end of season last year for like 99 cents.  I love end of season!
We slacked off this year and ended up making our Christmas presents for Dave's parents on Christmas Eve and a little they day before.  While we were camping at the beach I noticed a lot of the campers had signs out with their name and where they were from.  I also noticed that Ralph liked knowing where people were from and stuff so I thought about getting one made for them at Knoebels (you know, where they do the wood stuff there.)  However, when we went back I had forgot all about getting the sign made.  It wasn't until the week before Christmas that I remembered.  So I made one up real quick in Photoshop, we had it printed at a one hour photo place and Dave made the sign Christmas eve.  The sign says "The Staus House, mobile edition, Reading, PA" and I put a picture I found on flickr of a campground.  If you get a sign made sometimes they carve pictures of trees on it, and so that's why I chose that picture.
I will post about Becky's gift later, because Dave also made one for me, so look for that post later.
Dave's parents bought this little car thing for the kids to ride in their basement, it's pretty cute...
You use your arms and wiggle the wheel to make it go.

Stephen, Cheryl and Baby Kalaela...

Then when we got home the boys had to go out and sprinkle their reindeer food to make sure Santa found our house.

They were so excited!!!!

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