Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Valentine

At church I am now in charge of Activity Days for girls ages 8-11.  I found a really cute blog where they had made these earrings for Project Valentine last year and I really wanted to do them this year.  
Project Valentine makes Valentine gift bags and hands them out to individuals undergoing cancer treatment in the Denver metro area.  The earrings the other girls had made, on the blog I was looking at, had used heart buttons.  I love buttons!  So I was super excited, but I couldn't find small enough heart buttons, so we used the gem stone hearts and glued them on buttons.  I also decided to make some rings.  What if the girl doesn't have their ears pierced?  A ring would work great.
We made 100 rings and 24 pairs of earrings.  The girls each got to take home either a ring or a pair of earrings and the rest I shipped out to Project Valentine.  I linked to their site if you'd like to check them out.

Here are only half of them.  The other lady took home half to re-adjust the backs (because the glue wasn't totally dried, we had to lay them out at home and push some of them back to center and what not.) and we had to put them in individual bags, we forgot to bring them with us.  So I only took pictures of half of the rings and earrings...
I believe the girls had a great time making them!  I think they turned out pretty cute!!!  There were some great color combos!  The other half were really cute too!  I wish I had taken a picture of them also.

In order to keep the backs of the rings from sliding, I set them on a hand towel upside down, it seemed to hold them up really well...

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