Sunday, February 19, 2012

Purple Pleated Mary Jane's

Mackenzie out grew all the other shoe's I made her.  My mom's doing better and so I don't go visit her as much as I used to.  I was going every other day, and that was a minimum of 3 hours out of my day, normally 4-5 hours, because it was an hour drive one way.  I just didn't have time to do any crafts, and could barely keep up with my house work.  So it sure felt good to sit down and sew something for my daughter again!  It's been since October when my mom had her stroke that I sat down and made a pair of shoes for Mackenzie, or anything really for my own child.  The things I made were for other people.
So here they are... I put the grippy stuff on the bottom this time.  She loves to feel the grippy stuff and it helps her when she's standing.  I think by the time she's walking she won't fit into these any more.  This is the fabric that I used for Polly's nursing cover.  I really like fabric that has lots of colors in it.
I can make shoes so you don't see the seams in them, but that's an extra step or 2 that I find isn't needed.  Really, the baby doesn't care that it's there and you don't see it when the baby's foot is in the shoe.

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