Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Clean Your Crock Pot

I had a smaller crock pot and the inside didn't come out.  It started to be a real pain to wash.  So for Christmas the other year I got a new one where the inside came out.  One thing I didn't really pay attention too, is that it is bigger.  Some of the things I cook in it are too small for it and I burn things to the edges.  Well, then I did BBQ chicken in it and I really burnt stuff to the edges!  I scrubbed it, I soaked it in boiling hot water with dish soap for days, and so much more and it was not coming off.  Then I read online to use baking soda and vinegar... AMAZING!!!!
I poured a little vinegar over the spots, sprinkled baking soda in and made a paste with it that I stuck right over the spots.  Let it sit over night and in the morning I poured a little more vinegar on it and ... it was a miracle... the hard as rock stuff was peeling off!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!  I actually did the baking soda and vinegar one more night because mine was really bad and it's basically back to new!!!  Awesome!!!!  So easy and it works like magic!!!!!

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