Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 T-shirts Into a Shirt for Mom and Dress for Baby

I recently bought some cheap t-shirts for $2.99 each at a JC Penny Outlet near my house.  I have seen these t-shirt makeovers and have been waiting to find some cheap enough to try it.
So I made a shirt for myself and a dress for Mackenzie using 2 t-shirts.  I have some left over and was thinking of making some bloomers for the dress.
I also decided that I don't like the ruffles around the collar of my shirt.  I want to take them off and add another big flower above the smaller one on my shirt.
 I was too excited to get Mackenzie's dress done that I straps on before I put it on her and measured.  I should have waited, I want to move them in.  However, I did use a dress that I had to determine where they go, oh well!   Live and learn!
 She also wasn't her normally smiley self, but I didn't want to wait to take pictures.  Oh well, at least you can see what the dress looks like.

Remember I'm going to take the ruffle off the collar and add a big flower above the one that is there.

  I found the pattern for the dress on Pinterest and modified it a little.  Click here for the link to the pattern.
The t-shirt stuff is everywhere, so I won't bother repeating how to do it.

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