Thursday, March 8, 2012

Failed Photo Shoot Attempt

I made this "pettiskirt" for Mackenzie for her 9 month pictures. I found the pattern online and decided to make it instead of the no sew tu-tu I had originally planned on doing. They said to use nylon chiffon, it's softer and lays flatter and doesn't fray like regular chiffon does, apparently.  Well, you can only order it online and I didn't have time for that so I used Tulle.  And I'd have to say it is quiet puffy with the tulle!  I use just over 5 yards!  They say 3 is good enough but if you want it puffier use more.  I used all they had left on the bolt.  Wow, it took quiet some time to ruffle all of this tulle!!!!  But how cute is it?
Mackenzie was not so cooperative for me for the pictures and I was so bummed!  These were the only good ones...
When we went outside she just wanted to eat the leaves.  And boys she was so mad at me when I took them away!!!!

So I tried later when Daddy came home from work.  She normally smiles so good for daddy!  But she just wanted to take her head band off and her bracelet.

Uggh, it was a little frustrating so we just stopped. I just wanted a smile like she did in the morning before I put her in all this cuteness!!
I had also made cute little ballet slippers to go with the skirt, but you couldn't see them under all the fluff.

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