Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mackenzie is 9 Months!

My sweet little princess is 9 months old!!!!  I cannot believe it!!!!!!
I snapped this pictures in the morning before I took Tanner to preschool.  I wish that pink onesie underneath wasn't so noticeable... oh well.  This is what I really wanted her in for her 9 month pictures anyway.  But it turned out that this was the only time she smiled so cute!!!!!

She is so cute with Tanner!!!  She just adores her big brother!!!  Every time he comes near she squeals with delight, laughs, smiles and jumps up and down.  It's so cute to watch!!!!
 She totally did this all on her own when Tanner jumped in the picture with her...

She reached up for him and gave him a great big kiss!!!!  So darn cute!!!!!

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